Requesting a MCEITS Account

1.  Print these instructions.
2.  Navigate to the following link:  Request Form 
       **If prompted, select your DoD Email Certificate and Click OK
       **Click I Accept access the form.
3.  Complete all fields for the form.
       **Click the Agreed radio button to acknowledge the User Agreement Terms.
       **Enter YOUR Last Name.
       **Enter YOUR First Name.
       **Enter YOUR Middle Initial.
       **Select MarForPac from the SharePoint Site drop-down list.
       **Select YOUR Rank from the Rank drop-down list.
       **Enter YOUR E-mail Address.  THIS MUST BE YOUR USMC.MIL or USN.MIL address.
       **Enter YOUR Phone Number.
       **Enter YOUR Organization/Unit.
       **Select UNITED STATES from the Nationality drop-down list..
       **Enter a Government POC name. (NOT YOU)
       **Enter a Government POC phone number. (NOT YOURS)
       **Enter a Government POC (NOT YOURS)
       **Click the Submit button.
4.  Watch for a confirmation e-mail from the MCEITS Service Desk confirming that your account was created. (Approximately 24 Hours During Weekdays)
5.  Respond to the MCEITS Service Desk confirmation e-mail with a Digitally Signed e-mail.
6.  Watch for a confirmation e-mail from the MCEITS Service Desk stating that your account is CAC-Enabled. (Approximately 24 Hours During Weekdays)

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