Headquarters & Service Battalion
U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii


Col. Stacey Taylor Retirement Ceremony

U.S. Marine Corps Col. Stacey Taylor, G-1 assistant chief of staff, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, makes remarks during his retirement ceremony...


Headquarters and Service Battalion Change of Command Ceremony

The U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, Color Guard prepare to present the colors during the Headquarters and Service Battalion Change of Command...


French Armed Forces conduct Global Theatre Strategic Mobility Exercise

Members of France's 2nd Company, Pacific Marine Infantry Regiment-Polynesia, Marine Troops, Specialized Staff for Overseas and Foreign Affairs, and...


Japan State Minister Visit

Mr. Ino Toshiro, State Minister of Defense, Japan Defense Ministry, holds a Stinger Missile launch tube during a static display on Marine Corps Base...


MARFORPAC Relief and Appointment

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. William M. Jurney (right), commander of U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific (MARFORPAC), prepares to pass on a...


Headquarters & Service Battalion

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

Commander`s Philosophy


Marines, Sailors, and Civilians of Headquarters & Service Battalion, welcome! You are part of the finest fighting force to exist in the 21st century and never forget that you represent what is best about our nation—the United States Marine Corps. My seven guiding principles that I believe make a successful Marine and unit are: 

1. Lead by example. The Marines under your charge need a LEADER—be one. Be engaged with your Marines (involved leadership) and inspire them. Do well by them and they will do well by you. 

    Noncommissioned Officers. Learn your profession and look out for your fellow Marines. When you lead by example, you become the example. I expect you to do the right thing—even when no one is looking. 

    Staff Noncommissioned Officers. Be masters of your profession. Maximize our unit's ability to function through your active participation and developing those under your charge. Know your junior Marines and challenge your peers and superiors to become better leaders. 

    Officers. You accept the standard you walk by. Listen to your SNCOs and create an environment that fosters trust and respect. Humility, fairness, and firmness will earn you great respect among your subordinates, peers, and superiors. 

2. Our business is readiness. Good units are ready units. Have your personal affairs in order and take care of your family as they provide the support structure that enables us to accomplish our mission. Remember troop welfare plays an integral part in mission accomplishment, so find a balance between work and family to improve your resiliency. 

3. Don't rush to failure. Gen Mattis famously quipped that "the most important six inches on the battlefield is the six inches between your ears". I want you to take the initiative and excel—both personally and professionally—but know when to exercise patience. Protect what you have earned by thinking about your actions and consequences. 

4. We are a learning organization. Be brilliant in the basics and communicate with your Marines. Hold your Marines accountable for their actions, but more importantly teach them the right way. Your Marine's personal and professional development is crucial to the success of our battalion and Marine Corps. 

5. Own your piece of the rock. This is not my battalion, it is our battalion. We each have a role to play and designated duties that make us successful as a whole. Each person's duty is important and contributes to the outcome. Take ownership of your piece of the rock, have pride in it, and make it as strong as you can. 

6. Strengthen the comradeship of the unit. Every member of this command has volunteered to serve and has earned the right to be here. Hazing and initiation is a sign of a unit that will fold under pressure, and will not be tolerated. Adherence to Marine standards and leaders who care about the development of their Marines are the things that create a unit that will succeed and thrive. True leaders ensure that no one ever abuses their Marines. 

7. Uphold the Marine standard. You've earned the right to be called a Marine. Have the intestinal fortitude and courage to do the right thing as there is no right way to do a wrong thing. Retain the moral high ground. Be a person of character and never compromise your integrity. Marines do not lie, cheat, or steal but embody all that is good about our country. We treat each other with dignity and respect and keep our honor clean. 

Remember, lead with your core values—honor, courage, and commitment. You deserve my best and that is exactly what I will give you. I demand the same from you. 




Headquarters & Service Battalion
U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
P.O. Box 64129
Camp H.M. Smith, HI 96861

Officer of the Day (OOD)
COM: 808-477-6377
DSN: 315-477-6377
FAX: 808-477-8724

The function of the S1 is to supervise personnel and administration systems. This department functions as the essential administrative liaison between the subordinate units and the headquarters.


Adjutant/Unit Voting Assistance Officer
COM: 808-477-8365

Assistant Adjutant
COM: 808-477-8577

Admin Chief
COM: 808-477-8364

COM: 808-477-8371

COM: 808-477-1854

DTS/GTCC Coordinator
COM: 808-477-8833

To coordinate and execute required training in accordance with Marine Corps Order 1553.3A and to ensure training is conducted in order to allow Headquarters and Service Battalion to perform all applicable tasks as depicted in the U.S. Marine Forces Pacific Mission Essential Task List.

Operations Officer    
COM: 808-477-8359
DSN: 315-477-8359

S-3 Chief    
COM: 808-477-8356
DSN: 315-477-8356

NBC Chief    
COM: 808-477-8360
DSN: 315-477-8360

COM: 808-477-8355
DSN: 315-477-8355

COM: 808-477-8846
DSN: 315-477-8846

COM: 808-477-8354
DSN: 315-477-8354

COM: 808-477-8375

S-4 Officer    
DSN: 315-477-8832

S-4 Chief    
COM: 808-477-8833
DSN: 315-477-8833

Motor Transport Chief    
COM: 808-477-8830
DSN: 315-477-8830

Motor Transport Dispatch    
COM: 808-477-8831
DSN: 315-477-8831

Embark Section    
COM: 808-477-8826
DSN: 315-477-8826

Maintenance Chief    
COM: 808-477-8835
DSN: 315-477-8835

COM: 808-477-8676

Company Commander    
COM: 808-477-1251
DSN: 315-477-1251

Company First Sergeant    
COM: 808-477-1252
DSN: 315-477-1252

Company Gunnery Sergeant    
COM: 808-477-1252
DSN: 315-477-1252

BEQ Manager    
COM: 808-477-5382
DSN: 315-477-5382

Company Clerks    
COM: 808-477-5382
DSN: 315-477-5382

COM: 808-477-1251



Headquarters & Service Battalion Leaders

Commanding Officer
Headquarters & Service Battalion

A native of Deerfield, IL, Col Schaefer enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in February 1995. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Western Illinois University, he was commissioned in December 1999.

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Sergeant Major
Headquarters & Service Battalion

Sergeant Major Jorge L. Ortiz is a native of Sacramento, California, enlisting in 2000 from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA.

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