Contact Information

Officer of the Day

Duty Desk: 808-477-8420

Duty Cell: 808-630-8231



Front Desk: 808-477-1854




Front Desk: 808-477-8356




Front Desk: 808-477-8826



Front Desk: 808-477-8824



Front Desk: 808-477-8474


Company Office

Front Desk: 808-477-0262


Travel Branch (DTS/GTCC)

Front Desk: 808-477-8833


Career Planner

Office: 808-477-8358


Personnel Division, G-1

The mission of the AC/S G-1 is to advise and assist the Commander in matters pertaining to Marine active duty and reserve manpower; manpower policies and procedures; personnel strengths, replacements, and augmentation; civilian manpower, accountability management; awards, directives and other general, operational, personnel, and manpower administration matters.

Front Desk: 808-477-8415


Intelligence Division, G-2

The mission of the AC/S G-2 is to coordinate Marine Corps intelligence activities in the USINDOPACOM theater.

Front Desk: 808-477-8459


Operations Division, G-3

The mission of the AC/S G-3 is to provide COMMARFORPAC staff assistance to advance Naval, Service, and theater campaigns.

Front Desk: 808-477-0077


Aviation Division

The mission of the Aviation Division is to provide aviation plans, policy, procedures, and force training management in support of the MARFORPAC staff, assigned forces, HQMC Aviation, Marine Corps Installations West and Pacific, USINDOPACOM, and adjacent Service components.

Front Desk: 808-477-8381


Logistics Division, G-4

The mission of the AC/S G-4 is to advise and assist the Commander in the direction, execution, monitoring, and adjudication of logistics matters by planning, coordinating, and facilitating operational logistics.

Front Desk: 808-477-8585


Plans Division, G-5

The mission of the AC/S G-5 is to assist and advise the Commander in matters pertaining to deliberate and long-range operational planning, political and military policy, security cooperation, National and Service plans, command relationships, and componency.

Front Desk: 808-477-8762


Information Division, G-6/G-39

The mission of the AC/S G-6/G-39 is to oversee the staff functions of numerous information related capabilities (IRCs), including communications, computers, command and control systems; cyberspace operations; electronic warfare; space operations; psychological operations; civil affairs and operational security.

Front Desk: 808-477-5885


Financial Resources Division, G-8

The mission of the AC/S G-8 is to advise and assist the Commander in all matters pertaining to resource management, fiscal compliance, and strategic sourcing.

Executive Branch: 808-477-8398

Ground Financial Management Branch – 808-477-8514

Aviation Financial Management Branch – 808-477-8395

Accounting Branch – 808-477-8557

Risk Management – Audit Branch – 808-477-8990


Force Development Division, G-9

The mission of the G-9 is to advise and assist the Commander in the direction, execution and supervision of future force development matters and concepts, by planning, coordinating, and facilitating the determination of force capabilities and requirements, increased naval integration, and innovative experiments and war games.

Front Desk: 808-477-8744


Aviation Logistics Division (ALD)

The mission of the AC/S ALD is to advise and assist the Commander on the readiness of assigned aircraft, support equipment, mobile facilities, and aviation munitions.

Front Desk: 808-477-8793


The Protocol Office of the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, is responsible for protocol support related to official engagements with distinguished visitors and events hosted by, or on behalf of, the Commander, Marine Corps Forces, Pacific.  The Protocol Office also provides advice to the MARFORPAC staff and subordinate commands on matters pertaining to protocol.

Contact Information

Chief of Protocol

Office: 808-477-8959


Deputy Chief of Protocol

Office: 808-477-8602


The COMMSTRAT Division plans, coordinates, and executes Marine Corps public communication activities in the USINDOPACOM theater to build public understanding and strengthen relationships that advance MARFORPAC and Joint Force objectives.


Front Desk: 808-477-8588

Current Operations Branch Head: 808-477-8638

Production & Engagements OIC: 808-477-5844

Media Queries: Day Time 808-477-8788 / After Hours 808-349-2031 / Email


For production support requests, fill out the COPS Support Request Form and email to


The mission of the Force Chaplain’s Office is to exercise general staff cognizance over matters pertaining to religion, moral welfare, ethics, and morale and to oversee implementation of the Commander’s intent for religious ministry throughout MARFORPAC.


Force Chaplain

Office: 315-477-8529/8863

Cell: 808-462-0399


Deputy Force Chaplain

Office: 315-477-8530

Cell: 808-388-9341


Navy Senior Enlisted Leader/Force Chaplains Office

Office: 315-477-8531

Cell: 808-388-9341


After Hours Chaplain Duty

Cell: 808-927-6583

Emails can be submitted to the Force Chaplains Office at:


Security Directorate

The mission of the Security Manager is to serve as the principal advisor, direct representative, and subject matter expert to the Commander in all matters pertaining to the Command’s overall collateral security program which encompasses the Information, Personnel, and Industrial Security Programs.

Front Desk: 808-477-5866


Office of the Force Surgeon

The mission of the OFS is to advise the Commander and adjacent staff on matters relating to current and future Health Services Support (HSS) readiness, planning, employment, concept development, and experimentation at the MARFOR level.

Front Desk: 808-477-8868


Office of the Command Inspector General

The mission of the CIG is to conduct, develop, and manage MARFORPAC CIG programs involving inspections, investigations, and inquiries into any matters of importance within the Command with a particular emphasis on readiness, including, but not limited to, morale, effectiveness, efficiency, discipline, economy, ethics, and integrity.

Front Desk: 808-477-5808


Safety Directorate

The mission of Force Safety is to enhance combat readiness and force preservation by implementing and supervising a comprehensive safety management system and to advise and assist the Commander with respect to subordinate activities.

Front Desk: 808-477-8919


Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

The mission of the OSJA is to deliver concise, accurate, and timely legal advice, guidance, and support to the Commander and staff across the spectrum of Force-level matters to support the mission and objectives of the command.

Front Desk: 808-477-8505


Strategic Engagements Directorate

The mission of Strategic Engagements is to assist the Commander and staff to better achieve clarity and understanding of complex and dynamic problems that cross the traditional lines of staff action and command support.

Front Desk: 808-477-8576

Contact Information

Unit Readiness Coordinator


Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Office: 808-477-8423

24/7 MCBH Support Line: 808-216-0126

DOD Safe Helpline: 877-995-5247

Substance Abuse Counseling Officer

Office: 808-477-8361

Cell: 910-320-3227

MCCS Hawaii Substance Abuse Prevention Assets & Support

Safety Directorate

Ground Safety NCO

Office: 808-477-8997

Aviation Safety Chief

Office: 808-477-8564

Explosives Safety Officer

Office: 808-477-8393



Branch Health Clinic Camp Smith

Medical: 808-477-2600 - Option 2

Dental: 808-477-2600 - Option 3

Naval Health Clinic Hawaii - BHC Camp Smith


Education & Career Counselor

Available every Monday from 1300-1600

Wing 2C Room #116

Includes "College 101" Tutition Assistance Brief


Financial Counseling

Available every thursday by appointment only

Call: 808-262-6832 or 808-282-1338