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Command Element

The Officer in Charge reports directly to the Commanding General of MARFORPAC, functioning as a special staff officer. He provides information and recommendations on use, current capabilities, and standing procedures and policies that govern the operations of the band. In short, the "Band Officer" is the sole adviser on how the band is to be used. It is the Band Officer's responsibility to make sure the unit functions in accordance with its capabilities to achieve mission success. In addition, the Band Officer functions as the principal Conductor of the band, and is ultimately responsible for the performance of the band.

Warrant Officer
Stephen J. Talbot         


The Bandmaster reports directly to the Officer in Charge, and functions as the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (SNCOIC) of the band. Responsibilities include organizing and overseeing all logistical areas of the unit. The Bandmaster schedules all events, commitments and training, down to the plan of the day. The Bandmaster strives to ensure Marines under his care are equipped and capable of performing their musical and non-musical duties.

Master Gunnery Sergeant
Raul Caldera   



The Drum Major is easily one of the most recognizable individuals in the band. Ceremonially, the Drum Major functions as the leader of the band, and is distinguished by an ornate uniform and mace. The Drum Major uses mace commands to direct the band while marching, and is in charge of rehearsing the band for all marching commitments. While not on the parade deck, the Drum Major assists the Officer In Charge and the Band Master with logistics.

Gunnery Sergeant
James R. Holt III


The Enlisted Conductor’s primary musical responsibility is to direct the band during performances and rehearsals. The “EC” can be seen during change-of-command ceremonies working alongside the Drum Major. Collateral duties include maintaining the band’s library, scheduling auditions, and managing public affairs for the band.

Staff Sergeant
Wayne C. Geary


The Small Ensemble Leader assists the Band Officer and Band Master in the employment of multiple small ensemble.  As a leader of one or more small ensembles, a Small Ensemble Leader selects and rehearses the music of the ensemble to which assigned, and manages the operations and training of the remaining small ensembles. Their job is also to coordinate all logistic functions such as messing, billeting, and transportation for Marine Corps Band Small Ensemble operations. Small Ensemble leaders must be knowledgeable in the equipment capabilities and system integration of sound reinforcement components. They establish and maintain an effective audio reinforcement system for band operations.

Staff Sergeant
Justin S. Holroyd

The Instrument Repair Technician is responsible to the Band Officer for inspecting, maintaining, repairing and overhauling all musical equipment assigned to a Marine Forces Pacific Band. Their duties include organizing and maintaining the instrument repair shop according to current occupational safety and health standards, maintaining administrative records and repairs of work performed on musical instruments, and performing preventative maintenance on instrument repair tools and equipment. The Instrument Repair Technician performs various duties incident to the acquisition and inventory sources.

Master Sergeant  
Andrew D. Weege

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Command Element