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The mission of the G-3/5/7 Division is to advise and assist the Commander in matters pertaining to organization, training, readiness, planning, and operational employment of MARFORPAC forces.  Additionally, the G-3/5/7 Division serves as the core of MARFORPAC's Contingency Augmentation Cell for MARFORK, USPACOM's Foreign Humanitarian Assistance coordinator, and the deployable Joint Task Force in the bilateral defense of the Philippines.  In both component and service functions, the G-3/5/7 is structured and chartered to serve as the Commander's principal staff agency for the development and articulation of a wide spectrum of concepts, plans and policies; and to direct and supervise execution and/or implementation of those policies.  The AC/S G-3/5/7 is the Program Manager for five discrete programs: Tactical Combat Support for the Marine Aircraft Wing; Division; Other Combat Support; Marine Expeditionary Unit Capability; and Unit Deployment Capability.  The AC/S G-3/5/7 serves as the MARFORPAC advocate for these programs during POM development and during budget execution.



G-3/5/7 Division  Phone-COM


Assistant Chief of Staff

808.477.8632 315.477.8632

Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff

808.477.8631 315.477.8631

Operations Chief

808.477.8853 315.477.8853

G-33 Operations Directorate

Phone-COM Phone-DSN


808.477.8378 315.477.8378

Deputy Director

808.477.8379 315.477.8378

Operations Chief

808.477.8376 315.477.8376

G-35 Plans Directorate

Phone-COM Phone-DSN


808.477.8570 315.477.8570

Deputy Director 

808.477.8572 315.477.8572

Plans Chief

808.477.8594 315.477.8594

G37 Regional Engagement Directorate

Phone-COM Phone-DSN


808.477.1822 315.477.1822

Deputy Director

808.477.8539 315.477.8539

Exercise Chief

808.477.8854 315.477.8854


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