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Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Program

The IMA Program provides a source of trained and qualified members of the SMCR to fill individual military billets which augment active component structure of the Marine Corps, Department of Defense or other Departments or Agencies of the U. S. Government. IMA billets are required to support mobilization (including pre and/or post mobilization), contingency operations, operations other than war, or other specialized or technical requirements.  If interested in taking part of the IMA Program, please contact your local prior service recruiter. He or she will be able to help you locate available units in the area that may be in need of IMA Marines. Please see below listing of available IMA Billets here at U. S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific.

Participation in the IMA program requires you to complete Inactive Duty Training (IDT) up to 48 drills, as well as 13 days of Annual Training (AT) per Fiscal Year. Coordination is made between the individual Marine and the OpSponsor to schedule AT and drills.

Additionally, to participate, you are required to be up-to-date in medical readiness, to include annual Physical Health Assessment and biennial HIV tests.                                                

Available Billets: 
April 2017 IMA Billet Vacancies  If you are interested in one of our available billets, complete a Reserve Qualification Summary and email it to the MARFORPAC RLO Organizational Mailbox.