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Marine Corps Activity Guam

Håfa Ådai



                                                                  Uriah V. Perez

                          Community Liaison Officer, Marine Corps Activity Guam


Uriah Perez, a native of Barrigada, Guam, graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management and a minor in Human Resources Management. 

 After completing his studies at the University of Guam in 2004, Perez moved to San Francisco where he worked in the Human Resources field for a number of companies and non-profit organizations. During his time in San Francisco, Perez volunteered as a member-at-large with the non-profit organization, Central Market Community Benefit District. After several years of volunteer work, Perez was voted in as a member of their Board of Directors where he served until 2011.

Upon returning to Guam in 2011, Perez began working at the 31st Guam Legislature for the Office of Senator Tina Muña Barnes as a Policy Analyst with the Committee on Municipal Affairs, Tourism, Housing and Recreation. In 2013, Perez accepted a position with DOCOMO PACIFIC as their Recruitment and Employee Relations Manager during merger activities between DOCOMO PACIFIC and Marianas Cable Vision. In 2014, Perez returned to the local public sector as a Budget Analyst with the 32nd Guam Legislature’s Office of Finance and Budget under the direction of the late Senator Vicente ben Pangelinan and the Committee on Appropriations, Public Debt, Legal Affairs, Retirement, Public Parks, Recreation, Historic Preservation and Land For the remainder of the 32nd Guam Legislature, Perez remained with the Office of Finance and Budget under the direction of Vice Speaker Benjamin J. F. Cruz. In 2015, Perez continued as a Budget/Policy Analyst with the Office of Finance and Budget under the direction of Vice Speaker Benjamin J. F. Cruz and the Committee on Appropriations and Adjudication until joining Marine Corps Activity Guam as Community Liaison Officer in September of 2015.

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