Family Readiness

Unit, Personal and Family Readiness is defined as ensuring that our Marines, Sailors, and their families are equipped with the resources needed to meet the challenges of the Marine Corps way of life. The MARFORPAC`s Family Readiness mission is simple: "Keep our families informed, prepared, and equipped, to meet the challenges of the military lifestyle."

The MARFORPAC Family Readiness Command Team is here to support this mission.  If you have any questions or family readiness concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

COM: 808-477-8826
DSN: 315-477-8826

MARFORPAC Officer of the Day (OOD)                                         
COM: 808-630-8231
DSN: 315-477-8231

MARFORPAC Religious Ministries ~ Chaplain                               
COM: 808-477-8863/8695
DSN: 315-477-8863/8695

Military Information Line                                                                   
COM: 808-449-7110

American Red Cross                                                                       
COM: 808-257-8848

Family Housing Office                                                                     
COM: 808-257-1257

Lending Locker                                                                 
COM: 808-257-2368

Marine and Family Programs                                                           
COM: 808-257-7786

Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society                                                   
COM: 808-257-1972

Single Marine and Sailor Program                                                   
COM: 808-257-1972