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Thai, Korean and US Recon Marines Take Part in Small Boat Training

By Cpl. Zachary Scanlon | U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific | February 12, 2014

HAT YAO, Thailand -- “One... two… three…!” yelled a U.S. Marine while standing on a capsized zodiac boat in the middle of the water preparing to upright the boat by leaning back and pulling on the rope. With the weight being too much for one person to handle, he had the aid of his foreign brothers-in-arms. With the assistance of the Korean and Royal Thai Marines, the boat was successfully turned upright.

Royal Thai, Republic of Korea and U.S. reconnaissance Marines performed multilateral boat training using the F-470 combat rubber raiding craft on Hat Yao Beach, Kingdom of Thailand, during Cobra Gold 2014 on Feb. 12.

“We have never trained with this many countries before. It is our first time as a platoon doing small boat training with a multilateral force,” said Cpl. McKinnan Stamschror, a reconnaissance man with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force. “This is the first time the Korean Marines have actually touched our boats. There are minor differences between the types of boats but it’s still important to know them,” said Stramschror, one of the CRRC instructors for the Thai and Korean Marines.

Since it was the first time for this U.S. platoon to conduct this type of multilateral training, the main focus was familiarization in terminology and constructing a uniform way of executing drills for multilateral small boat maneuvers.

“What we did today was a rundown of what any (U.S.) reconnaissance Marine needs to know and we demonstrated it to (the Thai and ROK Marines). For instance we are showing them how to build the boat, tow another (CRRC), man-over-board drills, beach landing, and extraction,” said 1st Lt. Daniel Romans, a platoon commander 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion.

In a “crawl, walk, run” fashion, the Thai, ROK, and U.S. Marines rehearsed of all the training on the beach first, then ate lunch together before pushing out into the ocean for actual execution.
Though the U.S. Marines were demonstrating their standard way of CRRC procedures, all the forces incorporated and learned from each other, promoting stronger bonds through the exchange of knowledge.

“We have learned a lot from the (U.S.) Marines but we have also demonstrated what we know and do as well. Incorporating both ways of how we run small boat training,” said ROK Marine 2nd Private Hans Kim, a reconnaissance man with the Reconnaissance Battery.

“It’s been great working with all of the forces so far. I have learned things that I never expected to,” said Cpl. Joe Lee, a CRRC chief instructor with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. “We also live side-by-side sharing stories and expanding our understanding of other type of recon units.”

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