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Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOA's) are Marines assigned to major Marine Corps installations whose duty is to provide information, assistance, and advice on all EO matters to installation and tenant commanders. EOAs are the Marine Corps’ primary personnel for advice, guidance, and complaint management regarding prohibited activities and conduct under the Marine Corps Order 5354.1E ADMIN CH.  

An EOA’s primary duty is to provide subject-matter advice and guidance on all matters related to command climate and unprofessional conduct under this Order.

Through training and adherence to the order, an environment in the Corps free from the prohibited activity and conduct involving harassment (to include sexual harassment); unlawful discrimination and abuse (specifically, hazing, bullying, ostracism, retaliation); wrongful distribution or broadcasting of intimate images; and, certain dissident and protest activity (to include supremacist activity) can be achieved.

It is Marine Corps policy to preserve the dignity and promote respect for all Marines and other Armed Forces personnel, uniformed and civilian, that are assigned to, or serving with, Marine Corps units.

If you have questions or think you have been subjected to prohibited activities and conduct, contact the Marine Corps Base Hawaii EOA for answers and assistance.



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