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As we continue to meet our Nation's varied challenges, we honor the contributions of past and present generations of American Indian and Alaskan Native service members. This year's theme, "guiding our destiny with heritage and traditions," underscores a Nation forever grateful to the contributions of the Navajo code talkers, whose code mystified the Japanese, and to Private Ira Hayes, a Pima Indian, who assisted in raising the American flag at Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. As proclaimed by the President, "Since the birth of America, American Indians and Alaskan Natives have contributed immeasurably to our country and our heritage, distinguishing themselves as scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in all aspects of our society." Native Americans and Alaskan Natives have also served in the United States armed forces with honor and distinction, defending the security of our Nation with their lives. We celebrate their proud legacy and heritage this month and honor their lasting and faithful service to our Nation.
To incorporate equal opportunity (EO) into the Marine Corps’ ethos and leadership philosophy.

The Marine Corps is built on the trust and teamwork shared between individual Marines and their leaders. Inherent in this trust is the understanding that fair, scrupulous, and unbiased treatment is the Marine Corps leadership standard. In keeping with this leadership philosophy, equal opportunity will be applied in every command policy, action, and program.

The responsibility for accomplishing equal opportunity is not dependent on authority or solely the function of any special staff officer. Rather, all Marines are expected to promote camaraderie among individuals, regardless of age, color, gender, race, religion, or national origin, by setting an example of unprejudiced actions and identifying unfair practices to higher authority via the chain of command.

Unlawful discriminatory practices within the Marine Corps are counterproductive and unacceptable. Discrimination undermines morale, reduces combat readiness, and prevents maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps’ most vital asset, its “people”.
  • DOD Certified Mediator
  • Provide guidance, advice, or assistance in all EO matters
  • Provide briefings or training on EO issues for assigned and tenant commands
  • Assist EORs with EO program information on complaint reporting and other reporting requirements
  • Identify trends and areas of concern, and develop methods for improving the EO climate