Communication Strategy and Operations

Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT) is a communication activity that provides timely, accurate information which informs and educates about the missions, organization, capabilities, needs, activities, and performance of the Marine Corps as an instrument of national defense.

The Marine Corps belongs to the American people, is uniquely described in Title 10 of the United States Code, and bears the responsibility of keeping the American people informed. Freedom of the press is one of the many constitutional rights we have sworn to uphold. At peace or at war, the public and the news media are entitled to timely, accurate information. How we respond to this mandate reflects directly on our institution. Our policy is clear: honesty, openness, and accessibility to the maximum extent possible.

Daytime Contact

COM: 808-477-8313
DSN: 315-477-8313

After Hours Contact

COM: 808-349-2031

Providing accurate and timely information about the force and its operation will contribute to mission accomplishment. Such information can communicate perseverance, progress, and restraint, and serve as a deterrent to our enemies. It can clarify the nature of the operational mandate and the Marine Corps’ efforts to operate within stated guidelines. The active release of complete and accurate information influences the perception of events, clarifies public understanding, and frames the public debate. It preempts attempts to misrepresent situations through intentional misinformation or disinformation efforts by adversaries and is the most effective tool for countering the effect of enemy information operations.

Production provides a wide array of visual information capabilities utilized as a multi-media influence discipline in today's ever-evolving information environment. Production supports the Marine Corps by providing expertise in photographic and video acquisition, post-production, multi-media/graphic design and development, imagery archival, and reproduction capabilities. Mission tasks include documentation of military engagements, operations, training, multi-lateral interactions, and emergency actions. Subject matter experts operate high-speed duplicating printers, with multiple post-production options, along with large format equipment to produce a wide array of physical visual information products. A professional photography studio is maintained as a means to provide military and civilian staff vital administrative support. The collective capabilities and efforts of the production team help ensure historical events of the command are documented and archived, aid in informing the public of the activities and mission of the command through digital content, and enables the commander to visually articulate his intent via scalable, multi-media disciplines.


Media relations provides a method of communication with the public through the media. Dealing with the media requires the highest level of professional competence and sophistication. The public information responsibility is focused primarily on the accurate and timely dissemination of information to local area and national news media about the people, actions, and activities of the Marine Corps. This function involves daily contact with representatives of the civilian print and electronic news media. Although timely reporting is vital to a successful relationship with the civilian media, credibility is equally essential to a professional and enduring relationship. Requests for information in response to media queries must be responded to quickly, accurately, and candidly.

Media queries may be submitted to:

Community relations extends beyond issuing information. It involves fostering relations with the neighboring community, including Marine Corps Reserve components, in a direct community and military interface. Well-conducted community relations enhance readiness by fostering hometown support. A good-neighbor policy is established through involvement with the communities and extends support to families of deployed Marines. It also helps reinforce the idea that the Marine Corps is a meaningful and rewarding career choice for America’s youth. Close relations with neighboring communities inspire patriotism, and that patriotism translates into recruitment and retention opportunities. Every reasonable effort will be made to develop and maintain sound community relationships. 

To request support for a community event, please download the appropriate request for support form below and email to  or fax the completed form to (808) 477-8694.

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