27 May 2023

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, G-4 staff conducted an operational logistics Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) drill from May 22 – 25 to develop a shared understanding of the unique infrastructure challenges and limitations throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Collaboration between approximately 70 participants and stakeholders from 20 organizations across the Marine Corps and Joint Force generated potential solutions for these challenges.

     “We are synchronizing our logistics plans in support of future operations and events”, said Maj. Gregory Lynch, G-4 logistics planner, MARFORPAC. “This event brought together key staff from MARFORPAC G-4 and I and III MEF, along with joint partners, to rehearse logistics plans in order to better support our operational positions.”

     In the future, operational logistics will challenge Marines in ways they have not experienced previously, either technologically or at scale. This drill allowed the staff to establish clear objectives and communication between all personnel and their respective units.