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Eren Demirer, Patrol Squadron 47 Undertakers' player, releases a ball from the center line while the Marine Corps Air Facilities Renegades players strategically keep their distace during a 101 Days of Summer dodge-ball tournament at the Semper Fit Center Aug. 16.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ronald W. Stauffer

Renegades win championship in 101 Days of Summer dodge-ball tournament

16 Aug 2008 | Lance Cpl. Ronald Stauffer

Marine Corps Air Facilities’ Renegades dominated over Installation Personnel Administration Center’s Red Balls of Fury and Patrol Squadron 47 Undertakers in a single elimination, 101 Days of Summer, dodge ball tournament at the Semper Fit Center Aug. 16.

     Using quick feet and cat-like reflexes on the court, the Renegades quickly subdued their opponent after an incredible two-ball catch by Chris Wliszczak, Renegades player, depleting the Red Balls of Fury of two players and bringing two of their own back in.

     The tournament, hosted by the Single Marine and Sailor Program as one of the final events for 101 Days of Summer, kicked off in a round-robin style match between three teams.

     First on the court, the Red Balls of Fury faced off against the Renegades in a six-on-six match.

     “We’re competitive,” said John Risner, Renegade’s team captain. “We try to participate in every 101 Days of Summer event that we can and we’re here for a good time.”

     Risner said his team has an extra player so he plans on rotating players and playing fast and hard.

     At the sound of the whistle both teams dashed for the center line, grabbing any ball they could.

     As quickly as the balls started flying, the Renegades sealed the deal, smashing into the Red Balls of Fury defense and dodging low-flying balls.

     Next on the battle field, the Patrol Squadron 47 Undertakers and their motivated three-man team faced off against the Red Balls of Fury.

Unsuccessful with their small team and the mass wall of balls flying, they were caught off guard, putting an upsetting end to their game.

     “We’re doing really well,” said Joseph M. Pearson, Red Balls of Fury player. “We only had one player out this last game and we’ve got good technique and good players.”

     Pearson said the team’s going to overtake the opposing teams and refused to give away any strategies.

     In the final match of the round robin, the Undertakers faced the Renegades showing vast improvement since their prior loss.

     Richard Riisma, Undertakers’ team captain, stood alone on the court, treading lightly and evading balls as they flew through the air. Catching a ball, he gave his team hope, bringing one of his own back into the game, but was taken out by the over powering numbers of the opposing team.

     Entering into the championship round for the title, the Renegades faced the Red Balls of Fury one last time.

     As both teams unleashed madness on each other, both teams utilized low-thrown balls and attempted catching anything thrown above the waste.

     Wliszczak making the key play of the game, caught two balls thrown at him, leaving his opponents in awe, while relieving two Red Balls of Fury players and bringing two of his own back in the game to finish off the rest of their opponents and take the title.

     “I would like to thank our captain, John Risner,” said Thomas Noceda, Renegades player. “He really coached us along for those five minutes before we played the game.”

     Noceda said the team played clean, had fun and won the tournament thanks to Wliszczak’s two-ball catch.

     The first and second place team received tote bags filled with discount coupons to establishments on and around the base.

“It’s really great to plan events and have the guys come out for 101 Days of Summer,” said Marcella T. Cisneros, the Hawaii SM&SP coordinator. “It’s really motivating and exciting.”
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