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Changes to Base Security and Access Control Order

By | Marine Corps Base Hawaii | January 7, 2020


Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Order 5532.1, MCBH Access Control Order, became effective Dec. 30, 2019, and cancelled Chapter 4 of MCBH Order 5532, Base Security and Access Control. MCBH Order 5532.1 revises vehicle registration and base access procedures per below:

1. Vehicle Registration. Vehicle passes are no longer issued during the vehicle registration process. Registration of vehicles is required by active-duty service members, their dependents, reservists, Appropriated and Non-Appropriated Fund civilian employees, and U.S. Government contractors who live, work, or are assigned to MCBH. Failure to register privately owned vehicles could result in the loss of base driving privileges or other administrative actions.

2. Trusted Traveler Access. The Trusted Traveler program allows authorized sponsors to present their identification for verification at the gate while simultaneously vouching for up to five civilian visitors (excluding unofficial Foreign National visitors) that are traveling with the sponsor as vehicle occupants. Sponsors who escort visitors aboard the installation are always required to remain with their visitors while aboard the installation.

3. Unescorted Guests. Sponsors will ensure that their unescorted guests are enrolled in the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) and retain their DBIDS temporary passes on person while aboard the installation.

4. Houseguest Privilege Pass. Houseguest Privilege Passes are only authorized for visitors staying in a MCBH family housing unit or a MCBH temporary lodging facility. These passes are no longer authorized for visitors staying off the installation and are valid for up to 14 days. Sponsors requesting Houseguest Privilege Passes for visitors over 14 days must provide command endorsement.

5. Personal Services Provider Pass. The requirements for a Personal Services Provider Pass, formerly a Commercial Activity Pass, are more restrictive. Sponsors are encouraged to review MCBH Order 5532.1 prior to applying for a Personal Services Provider Pass.

6. This information does not summarize all changes to base security and access control. Personnel are encouraged to review MCBH Order 5532.1 here.