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Wind Ensemble

Our Largest group, the Wind Ensemble, performs some of the most challenging literature written for today's wind bands.  These pieces encompass both classical and contemporary works, including orchestral transcriptions, original wind band compositions, movie and broadway themes, jazz and pop arrangements, and traditional marches.  The ensemble has been featured at the Hale Koa Hotel, Blaisdell Center, Hawaii Theater, the Glebe Music Festival in Sydney, Australia, and has toured the Pacific region performing in American Samoa, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

Field Band

Music completes any military ceremony. Perhaps the most easily recognized of our ensembles, the Field Band combines precision drill movements with exciting musical facility, bringing together all the elements of military regalia. This 30-piece ensemble supports ceremonies across all branches of the armed forces, entertains thousands every year in concert, and dazzles crowds across the Pacific region and abroad with its musicianship, precision, and pageantry.

Ceremonial Band

The Ceremonial Band provides music for ceremonies that are either indoors, or at an outdoor location where drill would not be appropriate or possible due to the location or type of ceremony. Consisting of the same instrumentation as the Field Band, the Ceremonial Band performs the same traditional marches, just seated.

Brass Quintet

The Brass Quintet is a musically diverse group that can perform in many different settings. Consisting of two trumpets, a French horn, trombone, and tuba, this ensemble provides musical support for ceremonies including formal Marine Corps school graduations, receptions, and instrument demonstrations for children. Drawing from a repertoire of classical, contemporary, ceremonial, and pop music, the Brass Quintet will add a sophisticated touch to all occasions.

Brass Band

Need to add some excitement to your next event? Be careful what you ask for, because this group can spice up any occasion. Whether it’s lively music or whacky skits, you never know what to expect from this eight-member roving ensemble. These Marines not only play, sing, and dance – they just may pull you into their show! Their aim is to ensure a good time is had by all, so hold on to your seats when the Brass Band comes around.

Jazz Combo

Jazz, the first truly American art form, began developing during the 1890s in New Orleans. Since that time the term “jazz” has been used to describe many different kinds of music, and the Marine Forces Pacific Band’s Jazz Combo draws its repertoire from just about all of them. Its members are as comfortable playing a Latin groove as they are playing jazz standards or 12-bar blues. This group can vary in size from a small two-piece duo to its standard four-piece, or even go to a seven-piece depending on the event. Venues for this ensemble include music festivals, formal and informal concerts, receptions for flag officers and visiting dignitaries, and programs that support music education.

Rock Band

If you attend a Rock Band performance and are expecting to hear marches, you’ll be disappointed. While military bands are normally associated with parades, concerts, and ceremonies, this high energy group taps the hidden talents in the band and plays hits old and new from artists like Carlos Santana, Garth Brooks, Stevie Wonder, Smash Mouth, and Kelly Clarkson. Vocals are the highlight of this ensemble, yet its powerful horn section brings to the stage popular songs from groups like Tower of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Whatever the genre – pop, rock, R&B, country, rap, Latin, metal, hip hop, dance, or local island-flavor music – this group plays something for all ages and musical tastes. The Marines who make up the Rock Band have made a name for themselves at local events such as the Ho'olau'lea festival in Waikiki, the Great Aloha Run, and BayFest. So bring your family and friends, and prepare to have a musical blast with the Marine Forces Pacific Rock Band!