Construction continues to progress on Camp Smith[MIGRATE]

By Pfc. Ronald W. Stauffer | August 21, 2007


(Photo by Pfc Ronald W. Stauffer)

(Photo by Pfc Ronald W. Stauffer)

Exterior construction is still under way here as the Bodell Construction Company works to finish its latest project next to the east wing of Headquarters Marine Corps Forces, Pacific building.

The company began the project in late December to demolish the old medical wing here and build a new fire station. The company is under a one-year contract and is still in the building process, which is scheduled to be complete by Nov. 15

“The building is a 7,500 square-foot, masonry building with two truck bays,” said Terry M. Godwin, Bodell quality control manager.

On one side of the truck bays there will be an administration wing with a lounge and kitchen facility. On the other side will be living quarters.

While progress has been made, there have been minor setbacks.

“I have no doubt that we’re making good progress and with the given amount of time we have, it should be done by our deadline,” said Godwin. “The design team is what hurt the project in the beginning, but once the building process was up and running, things were progressing smoothly.”

According to Godwin, all the footings are in place and the concrete slabs are at 75 percent. Some of the utilities such as electrical and plumbing are in the ground as well.

They have begun the block walls of the building as well as electrical work that deals with the interior of the building.

“Right now we are also beginning the curb for the sidewalks and parking lot, but our next biggest element is the structural steel for the building’s roof along with the rough element of plumbing,” said Godwin.

A key to construction is safety of workers and individuals around the construction site.

“Safety is paramount and of the utmost importance to any business,” said James Pritchett, Bodell safety officer.

He’s been at the site since April 2 and his job is to make sure everything is done in compliance with safety standards.

“I’m here to make sure the guys work safe,” said Pritchett. “So far the company has had no issues on the site for the 95 consecutive days that we’ve been working here.”

He also mentioned there are a lot of safety briefs and regulations that are looked over as well as making sure the equipment, tools and working areas are within standards.

“With the weather and not having any safety problems, there has not been an issue with building progress,” said Godwin. “I think it’s a good design and the customer will definitely be happy with the product.”