GOAL! Warriors dominate Pegasus, 4-1[MIGRATE]

By Pfc. Ronald W. Stauffer | July 31, 2007


(Photo by Pfc. Ronald W. Stauffer)

Warriors forward Robert L. Warnick hurls a out of bounds ball back into the game after being kicked out by a Pegasus defender.

Warriors forward Robert L. Warnick hurls a out of bounds ball back into the game after being kicked out by a Pegasus defender. (Photo by Pfc. Ronald W. Stauffer)

Toward the end of the second half, midfielder and team captain Hector S. Flores made a free kick after being fouled, giving the Warriors a 4-1 win, over Pegasus during a league soccer game at Pop Warner Field here July 31.

“We’re most definitely expecting a victory and get a little bit of PT in at the same time,” said Flores before the game. “We’re here to have fun and enjoy the game.”

The Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 Pegasus team captain, John Boring felt the same way about the game, saying his team really just came out to have fun and hoped no one got hurt.

As the game began, both teams drove back and forth, moving the ball up and down the field, yet both teams failed to score any quick points.

Displaying excellent footwork and passing, the Headquarters& Service Battalion, Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Warriors forward Robert L. Warnick was the first to score to take lead mid-way through the first half.

Warriors forward Omar Longoria, using quick footwork and superb dribbling, scored the second goal just before the end of the half. This gave the appearance of a possible shut out.

“We’re going to keep doing the same thing and keep attacking,” said Longoria, during the break. “We need to spread it out and use good passes.”

Strategies were formed for the second half with the Warriors planning to maintain their lead and Pegasus hoping to redeem their team.

“We’re a second-half team, and it’s our time now. We need to play smart if we’re going to win,” said Pegasus goalie Ben Davis.

Davis’ prediction for the second half was looking good after Pegasus midfielder Logan Thompson kicked in their first goal within minutes of the whistle, putting them on the board 1-2, relieving the pressure of a shut-out.

Answering right back was Warnick with a massive power play, driving through the Pegasus’ defense and smashing the ball past the goalie to give the Warriors a hefty lead, 3-1.

As the half wound down, both looked exhausted. Flores was fouled when he took a high kick to the stomach and was given a free kick resulting in a goal. With time still on the clock, the Warriors tried to keep the ball away from Pegasus as much as possible to let the clock run down.

At the end of the game, the final score was 4-1, giving the Warriors the win. Few were able to comment after the upsetting loss for Pegasus.

“We tried and worked hard,” said Pegasus midfielder Chuck T. Flippin. “We went out there with aggression, but we still need to practice more. It wasn’t bad overall.”