New walkway spans gap to parking, more demolition starts[MIGRATE]

By Cpl. R. Drew Hendricks | May 22, 2007


(Photo by Cpl. R. Drew Hendricks)

(Photo by Cpl. R. Drew Hendricks)

Workers at Camp H.M. Smith completed a new walkway to span the gap between the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific headquarters building and the remote parking lots behind it May 21.

Workers began demolition of the new walkway’s ancestor Dec. 4. The old one was scheduled for demolition because of safety reasons.

According to Edmond Urabe, a general engineer for Marine Corps Bases Hawaii facilities, the construction cost nearly $600,000 and caused some minor inconvenience to vehicle and foot traffic, but it was necessary.

“I used to use the old walkway all the time before they tore it down, it was very convenient,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Rodney Bracey, religious program specialist, MARFORPAC. “It’s great that it’s back up because there are a lot of times when the only parking is behind the building.”

Areas that were closed behind MARFORPAC due to the walkway construction are now open and parking is available.

The walkway is not the only project that has been in the works. A team of workers was already hard at work preparing the MARFORPAC building for its next overhaul.

The demolition of the old MARFORPAC medical wing was started before the walkway was completed. The second phase of demolition has begun and is the first stage in the construction on a new fire department.

The plans for the fire department are not set in stone as the new contract has not yet been finalized.

Thomason Road toward Elrod Road will remain closed during the construction. It will take approximately one year to complete the new fire department.