Outlaws big lumber puts Good Timers into slumber[MIGRATE]

By Pfc. Ethan Hoaldridge | May 15, 2007

Big bats and ballerinas in the outfield led the Combat Service Support Group 3 Outlaws to victory over the Marine Corps Air Facility Good Timers 25-1 in an intramural softball game at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, May 15.

The Outlaws, still undefeated, have a record of 8-0 after Tuesday’s win, and the Good Timers drop to 3-4.

It only took three innings for the Outlaws to win because of the “mercy rule” that applies. If a team goes up 20 or more runs at any point in the game, the game is called.

Big hitter Kenny Altizer, Outlaw third baseman, had a Happy Gilmore-like swing, as he used a running start to crush the ball to the fence consecutive at bats. Michael McMahon, another slugger, ended the game with a grand slam.

“Are they on steroids?” a Good Timers player yelled from the bench. Another chimed in,“I think they draft their players.”

The Outlaws defense was fluid and consistent as well. The outfielders moved quickly and gracefully making their job look effortless.

“We have great chemistry on the field, and good communication,” said McMahon. “And when our bats catch fire, they seem to stay that way.”

The Outlaws have skunked most of their competition throughout the season, 20-run-ruling the other teams.

“We are very confident about the rest of the season, and expect to remain undefeated,” said McMahon.