Mongolian Armed Forces 86th Anniversary honored by 86-kilometer road march[MIGRATE]

By #NAME? | March 07, 2007

3/27/2007 3:51

3/27/2007 3:51 (Photo by Marine Corps Photo Illustration)

Marines and Mongolian soldiers participated in an 86-kilometer road march throughout the mountainous regions of Darkhan, Mongolia in recognition of the 86th Anniversary of the foundation of the Mongolian Armed Forces, March 6-7.

Master Sgt. Osama Shofani and Staff Sgt. Henry Acedo, both from 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, are embedded in the 330th Peacekeeping Operations Battalion as part of U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific’s commitment to assist the MAF in non-commissioned officer leadership development.

The Mongolians are transitioning from a legacy Soviet-style system to a modern military capable of seamlessly interoperating with multinational peacekeeping forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

The march started with three squads from the 330th PKO Bn, located in Darkhan, approximately 90 miles south of the Russian border. Temperatures ranged from a high of 23 degrees Fahrenheit to a low of minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the exercise, reaction drills were inserted to test each squad’s tactics, techniques and procedures. Shofani and Acedo shared Marine Corps tactics and procedures following each drill.

After the march the Mongolian troops were commended for a job well done for exhibiting learning ability and enduring extreme conditions on such a long march.