Hard work appreciated[MIGRATE]

By Sgt. Ryan O'Hare | July 26, 2006

Lt. Col. Clyde Burton, chief of staff, Marine Corps Installations Mid Pac, recently received a Letter of Appreciation from Lt. Gen. Makoto Hirose, vice chief of staff, Japanese Ground Self Defense Force. The award was presented for Burton’s planning and execution of ‘Iron Fist,’ a bi-lateral amphibious landing operation at Camp Pendleton in January.

“As Marines, we know that one of the most difficult types of operations to execute is the amphibious landing.  The Japanese Ground Self Defense Force took a look at their operational capabilities in their role as the self defense force for their nation, and realized that as an island nation, refining their capability in this area is probably a good idea,” said Burton. 

“Iron Fist gave us a chance to reciprocate with the Government of Japan for all the training that they facilitate for us overseas and we were happy to cooperate. Our Marines on the ground were very impressed with the aggressiveness and enthusiasm of our Japanese allies. It's always good to know you're part of a strong team.

During the presentation, Hirose personally thanked Burton for his efforts and making the training a success.

“Lt. Col Burton contributed greatly to the success of this operation,” said Hirose. “He also contributed to the friendship between our two nations, and for that, we wanted to thank him.”