Marines practice parachute ops over paradise[MIGRATE]

By Lance Cpl. J. Ethan Hoaldridge | October 24, 2005


Over the clear waters of Kaneohe bay, Marines with 4th Force Reconnaissance Company recently performed parachute operations. The Marines made jumps from a CH-53D helicopter from five thousand feet.

This insertion method is designed to put recon or special forces teams into an objective area undetected to conduct clandestine operations, either reconnaissance and surveillance, or direct action type missions.

The Marines performed two different types of jumps, double-bagged static-line jumps and military free-fall jumps. 

Double-bagged static-line jumps have a static line grounded to the helicopter. The line pulls the chute open immediately upon exiting the aircraft.

Reconnaissance Marines consistently train in patrolling, land navigation, communications, boat work and sniper training.