Through the highways and byways of the Marine Corps, one road is for you[MIGRATE]

By Lance Cpl. R. Drew Hendricks | September 23, 2005

The Marine Corps has taken steps to help Marines enhance their careers by compiling word-of-mouth and hand-me-down advice into small, convenient and understandable packages which were released in April.

Gen. Michael W. Hagee, Commandant of the Marine Corps, commissioned the release of the Military Occupational Specialty Roadmaps in 2004. Since then, MOS schools have been working to produce these valuable nuggets of knowledge.

“The program is designed to be a ‘one stop shopping’ guide that will enable you to capitalize on all available opportunities to enhance your professional, educational, and personal development,” said Hagee in All Marine Message 044/05.

Marines will not be required to follow the roadmaps to the letter; rather, it allows them to view all available training as well as the best path to promotion, according to Maj. Gen. T.S. Jones, Commanding General, Training and Education Command.

The roadmap starts from the lowest rank to the highest, showing which path a private should tread to the steps a gunny needs to take. 

The information ranges from what Marine Corps Institute courses to take to what degrees would best help the Marine succeed after the Corps.

For instance, a nuclear, biological and chemical defense specialist Marine is advised to pursue a degree in chemical engineering, or a career with the Homeland Security’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Bureau.

The roadmaps will be updated with training and education requirements and recommendations. Marines should regularly check for any changes to ensure they have the most current information available.

The roadmap will not replace the best tools in the Marine Corps, Marine leaders and mentors. On the contrary, noncommissioned and staff noncommissioned officers are to use them as a tool to help and guide their Marines, according to Hagee.

The Marine Corps provides money for college, on the job training and professional development for future careers. The roadmaps are just one more tool in the Corps arsenal to ensure Marines have everything they need to be successful.

“The success of the Corps, now and in the future, depends on Marines of the highest caliber, who are prepared to increase their knowledge and skills through lifelong training and education,” said Hagee. ”The MOS roadmaps are an invaluable tool to help guide you to that end.”

Marines can obtain their roadmaps at the TECOM website http://www.TECOM.USMC.Mil/G3/Roadmap.PHP.