Haters capture victory 19-6[MIGRATE]

By Cpl. Megan L. Stiner and Cpl. Jared Plotts | October 13, 2004

The 3rd Radio Battalion Haters finally put one in the win column as they beat the Camp Smith Raiders 19-6 at Pop Warner Field Wed.

The Raiders offense looked promising at times under the play of new quarterback Daniel Turner, but dropped passes and turnovers kept the Raiders from scoring more than once. In five games the Raiders have scored just four touchdowns and no field goals.

Right from the start, the game seemed to be in favor of the Raiders as Scott Gibson caught a quick slant for a touchdown in the first three minutes of play.

Their excitement was short lived as the Haters wasted no time marched up the field and adding six to the board to tie the game.

The score froze throughout the rest of the first half, leaving hope for both teams as they sat in a tie at 6-6. But both teams, coming off humiliating losses, were hungry to keep a winning season alive, and they both were aware that only one team would walk away victorious.

The Raiders had won their previous bout against the Haters with a 13-8 win, forcing 5 turnovers and scoring late in the second half to steal any momentum the Haters might have had.

This game was quite the opposite as the Haters forced six turnovers against the Raiders and put up two fourth quarter scores to displace the weary Raider's defense.

"Our defense played hard. There is no denying that fact. It just gets frustrating spending so much time on the field. We need more support from our fans," said Raiders Middle Linebacker Evan Williams.

Although they may have played hard, the Raiders defense began to look confused and unprepared as the offense continued to move the ball and adding points to the board.

The Haters defense played stellar throughout the game forcing three turnovers in the red zone.

As the final quarter dawned, the Raiders became more and more fatigued and apprehensive as their offensive plays were stopped short and their normally confident defense, lost their edge.

As the Hater's took full control and capitalized on the Raiders mistakes, it was apparent they had worked hard since the last game to turn the tables around. The Haters looked like a different team as they reversed fatal mistakes they had made early in the season. 

Both teams are trying to stay out of the basement in the conference standings and each now has one win apiece.