Twenty-two from 3rd Radio Battalion return from Iraq;[MIGRATE]

By Lance Cpl. Bernadette L. Ainsworth | July 21, 2004

Twenty-two Marines from 3rd Radio Battalion returned home July 11, from a five-month deployment to Iraq.

Based near Fallujah, 3rd Radio Battalion's mission was to provide communications support and to conduct electronic warfare.

While in Iraq, 3rd Radio Battalion didn't see any direct combat, but they did experience indirect fire.

"There were days when the day would drag on and at night when you thought everything was normal, we would get hit with indirect fire.  Usually rockets and mortars," said Staff Sgt. Charles J. Willson, motor transport maintenance chief, 3rd Radio Battalion.

Although Willson left his pregnant wife and two children behind, he didn't let that keep him from accomplishing his mission while in Iraq.

"You have to concentrate on your job so others can do their job," he said.  "You can't get distracted because then you won't be able to fulfill your mission."

With the support of a family, Willson said it made things easier.

"We're proud of what he does, that he's chosen to be a Marine and serve his country," said Kris Willson, his wife.

While he's happy to be home, Willson conveys a little sadness.  "I'm sad to leave Iraq because I still have Marines out there, but I'm happy to be home with my family."

The remaining Marines of the forward deployed 3rd Radio Battalion are scheduled to return home in September.