Fight fire with firepower[MIGRATE]

By Lance Cpl. Jared Plotts | March 09, 2004

Fire Station 16 opened Friday morning here at Camp Smith.

The new fire station will service Camp Smith and assist the local fire department in the surrounding community.  The station provides fire, medical, rescue, salvage, overhaul and hazardous materials services.

The average response time before the new station’s inception was 14 minutes.  Now residents can expect fire trucks on the scene far sooner, which could mean the difference between life and death, said Capt. Ronald R. Cox, chief of staff, Navy Region Hawaii.

The station has a crew of 11 firefighters, four of which will be on duty at all times.  The members of station 16 will take two trucks on every call.

“We can send our HazMat (Hazardous Material) truck, our special operations vehicle, an ambulance or another truck. The important thing is we have two vehicles out there,” said Victor M. Flint, fire protection inspector, Honolulu Federal Fire Department.
Fire Station 16 is located behind the Sunset Lanai. 

Perched high atop Halawa Heights, the fire fighters from Fire Station 16 have a view from Waikiki to Diamond Head, and a job that’s even more amazing.